Woman of Many Roles: Easy Reach Sippy Cup


Transition from a bottle to a sippy cup is a big deal! Sometimes it can be frustrating, because it’s not what they are use to and some can be hard to use. However this easy reach sippy cup is perfect!!


Piyo Piyo Deluxe Bathtub with Bath Bed And Bathing Baby Gift Set


I have a reviewer named Ashlie, and she has the absolute CUTEST baby girl. She has been reviewing products from Piyo Piyo and loves them! I wanted to share Ashlie’s latest review with you all. It is for the wonderful Piyo Piyo Deluxe Bathtub with Bath Bed And Bathing Baby Gift Set.




This year we are talking about how to save money. I have to say that as soon as my children got out of diapers I had a huge boost in my income. I figured out several creative ways to potty train, and I was able to potty train my children pretty quickly although I will say my first one was the hardest. The rest watched their big brother which confused my daughter who thought she could stand and aim. That was a mess I will never forget.


Belly Ballot: Piyo Piyo Training Chopsticks Give Away


Piyo Piyo Training Chopsticks Enter to Win: Teach your child how to hold chopsticks properly and quickly! The ergonomic design was awarded a multinational patent. To note, the Piyo Piyo Training Chopsticks are designed for right-handed children only. 


Piyo Piyo USA Announces in Selected Stores & Online Retail Partnership with Babies“R”Us


Piyo Piyo USA Announces in Selected Stores & Online Retail Partnership with Babies“R”Us Safe, Functional, and Fun Baby Product Line Now Sold in Babies“R”Us in Selected Stores and at IRVINE, California (Jan. 15, 2016) – Piyo Piyo USA, a company dedicated to…


Tiffany Reviews: Piyo Piyo


Born from a mother and father’s love for their children, Piyo Piyo’s products have always been developed with little ones in mind. It was when our founders Annie & William discovered the lack of safe and functional baby products within the marketplace for their children that they decided to create their own line in Taiwan.Piyo Piyo sells a wide variety of baby products from newborn to the feeding stage. They have a huge variety and the prices a perfect for any parent of a price.


Functionality and Style with Piyo Piyo’s Innovative Baby Products


Piyo Piyo offers over 80 different baby and toddler products, and sent us their Toy gift set and Toddler feeding set to review. Both sets are packed with adorable products that are sturdy, adorable and will be one of the first things your kids will gravitate to. Piyo Piyo named their products after the sound a duckling makes, and they took that as the inspiration for their adorable duckling design on all of their products. The Piyo Piyo gift sets come in a soft yellow mesh bag that is perfect for gift giving, and is gender neutral for any recipient.


Toy Tuesday: Piyo Piyo Rolling Barrel Shape Sorter


The subject of today’s Toy Tuesday is so sweet–and it makes a great stocking stuffer for infants! TheRolling Barrel Shape Sorter from Piyo Piyo looks simple, but it encourages a lot of interaction. The colored block shapes, stimulate baby’s sensory development and the numbered ducklings vary in weight and sound. Not only does this toy encourage gross and fine motor skills, it also promotes hand, vision, and audio development.


Toys + More for Tots 1-5


Bento Box, Piyo Piyo, $15.99
Store your kid’s lunch in this roomy bento box equipped with a travel spoon. It is durable, BPA free, and (most importantly) easy to clean.


Christmas Gift Guide for Toddlers 2015


Personalize gifts to show that your little one means a lot to you. Your personalized gifts can become keepsakes for years to come. Previously, I covered how to make photo gifts to record the important moments from the past year. You can do photo books or create your own photo gifts with a high quality printer.

Another option is to buy items that are personalized. I See Me! is a company specializing is personalized gifts. You can put your child’s name on placemats with adorable pictures. This past year, Georgiana took her first ride on a carousel when we traveled to Ocean City. The carousel placemat is going to be a special surprise.