Piyo Piyo USA is a must to check out if you are looking for that perfect gift for the upcoming holidays, or even a baby shower. 

Named after the sound of a duckling, Piyo Piyo USA has you covered in a variety of products. From baby care and feeding, to nursery, toiletries and toys you’re sure to find what you’re looking for. As your child enters new stages of life, Piyo Piyo USA is a brand developed to meet their needs as they grow from an infant to toddler.piyopiyo7

We were given the opportunity to check out two of the gift sets from Piyo Piyo USA and I was very impressed. They arrive beautifully and ready to give to that special someone.

The Toy Gift Set is priced at $25.99 and will no doubt be a hit with your little one. It includes:

  • Piyo Piyo Rocking Rattle Stacker
  • Piyo Piyo Rolling Barrel
  • Piyo Piyo Duckling Rattle

The Toddler Feeding Gift Set has been filled with some of Piyo Piyo USA’s most popular items from their feeding series. Priced at $29.99 you simply can’t go wrong. The gift set includes:

  • Piyo Piyo Slip-Proof Three-section Dining Plate
  • Piyo Piyo Cup
  • Adjustable Waterproof Bib with Food Catching Tray
  • Piyo Piyo Keep-N-Trap

Our Thoughts:

All in all we have been very pleased with the products from this company and they are definitely worth checking out!




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Piyo Piyo-As They Grow Up-Novemeber 23, 2015